11 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

Add a decorative towel on top that matches your bathroom color scheme and use the space below it as practically as you can. Add a basket on the bottom inside and fill it with extra toilet paper for quick access!

4. Add a Fabric Skirt

Are you embarrassed because your pedestal sink reveals the depths of your disorganization? Rather than stash and stack various items underneath to get them out of the way of foot traffic, it helps to hide them, instead!

Find an online tutorial and a piece of fabric you love, making sure it’s big enough to cover the entire bottom portion of the sink. This is a great small bathroom storage idea that can even make the room look bigger, depending on the specific pattern you choose. [3]

5. Build a Custom Storage Bench

There’s nothing more whimsical than a window seat in the bathroom, especially for children. If you’ve installed one or are considering it, ask your contractor to create built-in storage beneath the seat. 

You can disguise the hinge by upholstering the top of the bench. No one will be the wiser, and you’ll have plenty of room to store extra towels and heavier bathroom items, such as a scale. 

6. Invest in Built-In Custom Cabinets

File this under one upgrade you’ll never regret.

Work with a licensed general contractor to add built-in storage in strategic locations around your bathroom. Focus your efforts on the areas above the commode, near the vanity and beside the bathtub, as these are the spots you frequent most often. 

While some designers will bring in an old heirloom piece of furniture to act as quirky bathroom storage, keep its overall footprint in mind. If it’s taking up valuable real estate in your already-cramped bathroom, consider a custom built-in vanity instead. 

Notice the custom, well-lit display cabinet at the intersection of the two countertops from one of our recent projects[4] that gave the owners the additional space they were looking for.

7. Lean Your Ladder

For years, people have leaned antique ladders against their walls, using them as handy storage for throw blankets. Why not take that same idea into your bathroom?

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