11 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Help You Get Organized

Find a ladder you love, preferably one that’s been sanded or smoothed. You don’t want tiny bits of bark clinging to your fabric!

Hang your lightweight towels on the ladder to get them out of the way and free up space underneath your sink or in your linen closet.

8. Add Floating Shelves

Love the look of shelving in your bathroom but afraid it’s going to shrink the small space? Floating shelves are a great answer!

As their name implies, the shelf board attaches to the wall with all fixings concealed inside the board, giving the illusion of hovering without support. With floating shelves, you don’t have to have a decorative bracket underneath each shelf, unless you want to.

From potted plants and reading material to faux flowers and trinket boxes, there is no end to what you could store in these spots. 

9. Designate and Divide Drawers

Open up the drawers on your vanity. Is there any rhyme or reason to what’s inside there?

Start by taking everything out of every drawer. Then, toss any expired medication or cosmetic items, along with anything else you don’t need.

Divide what’s left into the same number as your drawers. Find similarities and pair objects together. For instance, you might have a drawer dedicated to hot tools, and one where you only stash razors. 

10. Install a Shower Niche

At Legal Eagle Contractors, we put plenty of these storage ideas into action when we remodel bathrooms[5]. An example is installing shower niches for soaps, utensils and anything that isn’t damaged by exposure to water. Adding shelves inside niches can be a smart way to double storage space. Quick tip: any shelves should slope down to the shower floor for better drainage.

11. Install a Floating Vanity Top

I’m going to throw this out there even though it’s technically a way to declutter or add storage and not both, but there’s also a ton of other reasons to mount a bathroom vanity to your wall[6]. Visually and psychologically, a wall mounted vanity creates the illusion of more space. Of course, you can use the area underneath for additional storage, such as bins and baskets, but at the risk of adding more clutter. However, if you store just a few small items you can reap the benefits of both space and storage.

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