KOVA’s New Bath Kit Offers Builders Reduced Cost and Increased Efficiency

MENLO PARK, Calif.–([1])–KOVA[2], the official building products brand of Katerra[3], offers a solution to the challenges of bathroom design and installation with the introduction of the KOVA Bath Kit. Each kitted delivery system consists of all materials, fixtures and finishes needed for a bathroom installation on both commercial and residential projects. Products are securely packaged and sent directly to the job site, radically streamlining the traditional approach to bathroom installation. With the KOVA Bath Kit, installation time is reduced by up to 70% as compared to a traditional build.

“Installing a bathroom is one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of completing a project, so we have spent the last few years developing a system that simplifies the process and saves significant time and money,” said Trevor Schick, head of the KOVA materials business. “We use the Bath Kit on Katerra-built projects and now other builders can benefit from the system as well. What used to require months of disparate trade labors and inefficient material logistics can now be accomplished by two people in less than one day.”

The KOVA Bath Kit is fully assembled at a Katerra warehouse in an innovative cradle delivery system designed to eliminate risk of damage to components within the kit. It is sent directly to the job site and dropped in its final placement within the bathroom space, complete with a sequential installation guide. Elements are arranged within the kit based on installation order to further streamline the installation process.

The kit includes a full tub with surround structure and full vanity with sink, quartz countertop and faucet. Also included in the kit are fasteners, paint or caulk required for on-site assembly of the Bath Kit as well as decorative finishes such as mirrors and towel racks.

The base kit is available in ADA-compliant and Jack and Jill configurations and certain elements, such as flooring and tiling, are available in custom designs.

For more information about KOVA and its products, please visit kovaproducts.com[4].

About KOVA

KOVA, the materials brand of Katerra, is a curated product line of interior finishes and fixtures for building and design professionals. The brand is dedicated to the concept that design, quality and value can go together to strike a perfect balance and help bring beautiful spaces to life. KOVA products complement any style through simple, yet cohesive design forms that exceed typical quality and performance standards, without the premium price. The name KOVA is derived from the prefix “co-,” meaning “together”, and the word “va” which translates to “go” in Spanish. For more information about KOVA and its full catalogue of products, visit kovaproducts.com[5].

About Katerra

Katerra is a technology company optimizing every aspect of building development, design and construction. With leaders from the most groundbreaking technology, design, manufacturing and construction companies, Katerra transforms how buildings and spaces come to life. Founded in 2015, Katerra has a growing number of domestic and international offices, factories and building projects. For more information visit katerra.com[6].

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