Top Reasons to Install a Floating Vanity in Your Bathroom

When it comes to maximizing the space in your bathroom, every square inch counts. 

That said, have you ever considered how much room your traditional vanity uses up? Did you know there’s a better way to design that part of the room?

What started as a minimalist design statement soon blossomed into a movement as homeowners decided to take those wooden boxes off the floor and nail them to the wall instead, creating a floating vanity.

Today, we’re sharing a few of the top reasons why this is a smart move to make. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Bathroom floating vanity

1. Amplify Your Space

An uninterrupted floor surface makes any room look instantly brighter and airier. This is especially the case if you opted for heavy, bulky cabinetry when you first bought or built your house. 

It will surprise you to see how much bigger your bathroom feels with just a few inches of space underneath your cabinets. This can be a real game changer for small bathrooms especially (see even more space-saving ideas[1]). To fake even more room, create a neutral, monochromatic color scheme among your flooring, cabinets, and walls. This helps the vanity disappear into the wall, adding to your aesthetic.

2. Accommodate a Range of Heights

When you select a standard vanity, you’re limited on the different height options available for that piece. Unless you hire a custom builder, yours could wind up being too tall or too short.

If it’s too tall, your children might not be able to reach it. If it’s too short, you could pull out your back just trying to bend down and wash your hands. 

You can overcome the problem by installing a wall-mounted vanity at any height you choose!

3. Clean More Easily

Any homeowner knows that cleaning the bottom of a bathroom vanity is one of the most laborious chores around. Cosmetic products, such as hairspray, build up on the surface, along with loose hair, dirt, and mildew. 

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